July 3, 2017

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!! I hope you have an enjoyable day and I hope it’s really sunny and warm!!!

Little Miracles

This week we had a small miracle when we arrived to our investigators apartment complex about 30 minutes early. In between the buildings there is a park where moms are playing with their children and in the mix there was a lady who was not Korean, so I was curious about who she was, so my companion and I went up and said hi, but she walked away… so we awkwardly walked away too…. but then we came back luckily this time we decided to really listen to the spirit and we asked her where she was from and she said Africa. (duh) We introduced ourselves as Missionaries of our church and she said she had not heard about our church before. She said she went to a church here in Korea, in Korean. She asked us where our church was and when service starts on Sunday and that the next week she would come!! So we have been praying that she will come next Sunday! This small miracle helped me to realize that the Lord still trusts me and cares about my missionary work here in Korea and wants me to work hard so I can see those miracles that he has in store not just in Korea, but after I return home from my mission as well!!
(sorry for the short email byeee))
I hope you have a great week,
Love, Sis. Greenwood
I guess the only thing I took a picture of this week was this cat and these cool colored bus seats..

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