June 19, 2017


Another week in Socheo! So there has been changes made in missionary work. From 6:30-1pm we have to be outside of the apartment for at least 2 hours! So since Wednesday (district meeting) we have been leaving the house in the morning to proselyte proselyte proselyte I don’t know how to spell English words but Jundo! In Korean it’s called Jundo. We are still trying to figure out the best way to morning jundo for two hours, but I have no worries! One morning we went to Gangnam with our district to sticker-board, where we ask people to stick a sticker on a question they wonder about or what they think about something, and then we ask them about it. It’s always hard in Gangnam because EVERYONE IS BUSY! But we were still able to meet a lot of great people and receive contact information! After two hours of sticker boarding in the sun someone came up to me all of a sudden and asked how many of us there were. As soon as I looked I recognized her. It was a Sister who had moved from my last, last ward, Gokbanjung, she lives in Seoul now, but wow what a treat! She took all ten of us to a restaurant to eat meat haha! I guess hard work pays off it many different ways!!

Anyways, this week we met a new investigator. It was really hard, but through it my companion and I were able to notice things we need to both work on in our teaching so we will be able to teach more in unity with each other and Help our investigator but at the same time help each other. We feel like our investigator has a lot of potential and strive for her to feel more joy and happiness than she has ever felt in her life. We will keep praying that her heart will soften as we add to her beliefs.
Anyways! I hope you all have a great week!!!!!
Sister Greenwood
Photos: P day Hiking!! and Weekly planning is as fun as you make it!



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