June 26, 1017

​Dear Everyone,

This week we were able to have zone conference on top of Namansamsung Mountain (maybe that’s not the name I don’t remember). A few weeks ago President Turner asked us all to find a kind of heavy rock, a little bigger than our two fists to carry up the mountain. After we arrived we were asked to think of something, a weakness, or something we didn’t like about ourselves that we wanted to change or get rid of. Each person had a different shaped rock, with different sizes, made of different materials. each of us carried our rocks differently. When we made if to the top, each one of us put our rocks in a pile with other rocks from other missionaries who had done the same thing this past week. We left them there to leave behind our weaknesses, which everyone has! And only can we personally overcome! So this week I’m grateful to leave behind my personal weaknesses. Of course I still have them. It’s not something that just goes away all at once. It’s something we need to pray to ask for help sincerely with the intentions to act on our answer.
I have to say that was the best hike I’ve ever been on! Also if you get the chance to visit Namansansung Mountain, you won’t regret it!! As I was walking along the mountain wall I thought, how lucky am I to have been called to such a beautiful country like this. Sometimes it’s hard to remember all the blessings the Lord has given me, like the blessing of being able to serve here, especially when it’s really hard. But I know that in the long run, serving in Korea, or America, or Europe, wherever you serve, it’s for your benefit. The Lord needs you here, or there, or wherever you are!!

Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful week!

Sister Greenwood


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