July 24, 2017

Wow July 24th already!!

I hope you are enjoying your hot hot summer!! It’s been quite rainy here! But after 12 weeks it should be cooler and not so rainy… maybe!
This week we stayed busy with sticker-boarding and meeting our Investigator with the baptismal date! I also renewed my foreigner card! It’s been almost a year since I left the MTC already! Also our investigator came to church all the way to Gangnam ward even though it was pouring rain!!!!! I the only thing the umbrella helped to stay dry was the top of my head.. and even the umbrella had holes in it! it was okay though! All was well!
We also got to meet with a cute couple in the Gangnam ward after out of no where! that was great too! then for dinner we had duckbokki that my companion made! Sunday was great!
I have forgotten what I did the majority of this week but I’m sure it was full of wonderful adventures! We actually met with a lot of members this week because they all planned to invite us over for meals in one week out of the 31 days of July. We had American food the other day with one member at a cute restaurant. And she also ordered this one food that wasn’t American. It was rice on a plate with this black stuff all over it and a squid cut up on top. I tried some then made the mistake of asking what was on top… If you ever wondered what the ink that squids and octopuses have tastes like… well, you can know!
We also had a birthday celebration on Wednesday! Also Gangnam sisters had a surprise call on tuesday and found out one of them actually WAS getting transferred to my Greeny area in Gimpo and the sister that was supposed to go came to Gangnam, so that was super surprising. Anyways that day we had pizza (and Domino’s pizza costs 30 dollars here don’t do it!) and chicken. then i was surprised with an ice cream cake that night as well! it was a really good day!!!
Anyways this week is going to be a great week! We made a lot of goals and plan to improve and get going! I hope you have an amazing week!
-Sister Greenwood

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