July 31, 2017

Last Day of July! August has come so fast I am so happy! Soon I will have been in Korea for a whole year I can’t believe it!

This week we went to Incheon to China Town on Monday for personal Day and it was a blast! Then on Tuesday we spent basically the whole day sticker boarding. But it was great because we were able to meet a lot of people and even an Italian who is here for study and we were able to get her phone number to refer to missionaries in Italy!
We also met with our baptismal date investigator who popped all my pimples with a needle then put a really thick pack mask on my face that and wow that was an experience! Luckily we were also able to teach her the gospel but because she is so amazing we really just had to bear testimony. She read a pamphlet about repentance and even repented before we said anything!
Saturday was a blast because we got to the church early for English class to decorate for a party the church was having to say goodbye to Bishop and his wife before they leave to America. So we got to fill balloons up with helium and put pretty things on the tables it was great! The party was a so great and our investigator came and ate with us!! This Sunday we also had a choir practice with our ward! They are preparing to combined with Gangnam ward and move to a new building. Also on Sunday the Gangnam sisters (who we live with) organized the kitchen, so when my companion and I went to make dinner we found a pound cake mix and made it. Even though the expiration date was last December it was still okay to eat so we discovered! (because we put bananas in it and bananas make it all okay!)
Anyways I hope you have a great week! 16!
Sister Greenwood
China town Fairy last world or something or in other words.. the best 6 dollars I’ve ever spent.

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