October 8, 2017


Unusual week in Bundang and we have enough food to feed an army!!

Funny thing, So there is a local bus that we always take it’s 8-1. So basically we are chill with all the 8-1 bus drivers, they know us and our face and know we are going to take the bus! haha So today on our way to email we were waiting for the light to turn green so we could cross to the bus stop but the light never turned and 8-1 came… BUT the bus driver saw us and our sad faces haha and then stopped and waited for us to RUN AND CATCH IT it was great! This is a great life here in Bundang.
Hello Everyone! So this week was full of crazyyyy!!!! On everyday we had a member appointment with delicious food partly because it’s Korean thanksgiving and partly because it’s one Elder’s last week in the mission. One of the days we went to this Japanese style buffet. This is literally the number 1 buffet I have ever step foot in. There was fresh BBQ steak that you could just bite into, lamb leg, sushi sushi sushi and lots of deserts. We. ate. so. much. This doesn’t have much to do with missionary work but wow this was an amazing meal. We also got American food at the home of a military family it has been a while since I’ve had lasagna!!
This week we had a mission P-day and the day after a mission conference that we all dressed in Hanbok for. At mission conference we learned about family History from the Park’s couple and we are excited to use family history as a tool to help our families to make those ordinances that we have made! On that day we also competed with two other zones at hacky-sack, arm wrestling, the flick game, and one other game i don’t remember. WE WON! It was really awesome. We also played yootnori, which is kind of like Korean Sorry but a little different and way old! It’s pretty fun! We also learned kind of how to make a type of Chuseok Dukk and then we went outside to the palace and took photos and sand Arirang and our mission theme and lots of people watched and it was a great time! We then handed out door stickers that say home is heaven on earth in Korean and just walked around the palace after that!
On Friday we had two member appointments holy cow! We had a delicious Chuseok lunch and then Ashley’s (buffet) for dinner, but we were pretty full still but don’t say anything! I think my stomach  went into panic mode. I am just so grateful that members love missionaries so much and love service so much to take us and feed us delicious food! We really are spoiled here in Bundang.
On Saturday WOO…HOOO THE START OF GENERAL CONFERENCE YEAH!! It was awesome!!! I learned so much Both Saturday and Sunday the 8 hours go by so fast and are way too short. I have a new view about the importance of the Book of Mormon and service and how I should feel about everything (lets all just be GLAD!) I want to serve so much now. I realized how I can improve and how much service is a blessing. Can you imagine what this world would be if we all served the person right next us. I learned that service starts in the family. Sometimes the people who need our love the most and the people we need the most are the people the Lord places right around us. I got a new look of charity. I thought back about how I can express more charity as a missionary, to my companions, members, my investigators, and after my mission, to my family, my roommates… etc. I want the next two months of my mission to be filled with service to my companion and those around me. How can you serve the person next to you today?
I also learned about how my attitude depends on me. If I am sad or angry, then I have the means and the choice to change how I feel about things, about life, about my companion, about school, other people. I can be sad about the way I have been treated, or glad because we have so many blessings. I learned that Miracles aren’t always the big ones that make the news. Miracles are things that happen because of a force (God) that is beyond ourselves and our human capacity. But they can come in small and simple ways.
I learned about spiritual gifts. Like being able to be understanding, patient, ect. There are many spiritual gifts we have been given, but they are not just readily available. We need to work on them and discover them and grow them. Everyone has spiritual gifts. Everyone.
Wow I really loved general conference this week. If you have not gotten a chance to watch it or are curious about it please refer to https://www.lds.org/general-conference?cid=HP_SA_23-9-2017_dGC_fBCAST_xLIDyL1-B_&lang=eng
I promise that as you watch you can be uplifted and know more of God’s love and plan for you. I know that the words spoken at conference were spoken through Prophets and apostles of God and they are the words of Christ.
One last thing I would like to mention about what I learned from General conference is the importance of being like Christ. If we take the time to study about Christ, we can know Him, and when we learn who He is and what He did we will know the importance of acting on what we learned. If Christ did it, I should do it.
Thank you for reading, I hope you have a wonderful week!
Sister Greenwood
Sajins —- Saejun is a recent convert and after church he showed us a video of a green slime and said  “were gonna make it” so he made it and it was super cool.
Other photos– adventures in minsok and hwasung haengun we love hanbok and I love being a missionary!!

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