November 6

Hello Everyone! So this week was great! Let me tell you about it.

1. Monday– We got smart phones! OH my I forgot how easy life could be!

2. Tuesday we met with a potential investigator with one set of the Elders so we could refer a potential investigator of the church. but turns out he just wanted to talk about how he didn’t believe what we believed… but he said he would read the Book of Mormon a little! Hope it goes somewhere! We also had to leave service a little early that day and go to a hogwon or a academy for students (like an extra study school students go to) and help teach English to the students there again. It was super fun because it was Halloween. So, we dressed up and taught the kids how to trick-or-treat, although they get really shy to use English.

3. Wednesday we went to the Temple!! Yes yes yes! Afterwords we took photos with everyone and went to Gangnam with my district and ended up just following Elder Lee to the k- pop star road, and took pictures with some weird mice. Then we taught English class, but only one of our three (kids) students came to class in the beginning class. So, we just taught her the paper, and then played games. She and the Korean Elder had a speed spelling test,  and she beat him every time. It was hilarious!

4. Thursday we had district meeting and went sticker boarding with a sister who is leaving on her mission to Canada tomorrow! It was great. We were able to talk to her about her worries of serving a mission and help her feel a little more confident! It was really fun!

5. Friday we had a zone proselyting activity in Singal, my old area. Lots of fun. We also got a call from a lady we contacted that week saying she was worried she was going to die so we offered to come over with the Elders to pray with her maybe. She Said yes, but we decided not to go until the next morning because it was already 8pm.

4. Saturday we ended up going and meeting the elders and our ward mission leader and going to her house. Lucky we did because her house wasn’t in a very good area. We sat and her and talked with her in her tiny hotel like apartment thing, literally smaller than our bathroom. We also invited her to church and she said she would come. She is suffering from a lot of problems and gets scared because of the people in her area. Really sketchy… But she is going to church!

This day actually was really awesome. We went to church after meeting with her. Our WML (ward mission leaders) drove us and it was really crazy the things we do to be obedient! Lets just say a from seat seats two people if you try really hard. So we went to the church and lots of members showed up so we could practice for our choir music competition. We sang a primary song and then I Long for Geum Gang San. I don’t know if that’s the exact translation just bare with me.
So we went to the performance that night and apparently the stake rented out this big concert hall in this fancy building and the young single adult group was going around telling people where to go and taking photos and putting everything all together! That’s what I call unity, it was GREAT!
The ward choirs were HILARIOUS! They sang and danced and it was so cute! We ended up not being able to use our music, so it was actually kind of scary because well… don’t ask if I actually memorized that last song. haha! Anyways it went great and I got to see members from Gokbanjung I am so excited to visit her in a couple weeks yay!
We went home with some members that night and they asked us if everything worked in our house and we told them about the floor heating and how it’s spotty so they asked if they could come over and if her husband could try fixing it. we got permission and they came over and I am seriously grateful for how willing to serve the members in this ward are! Literally so amazing!
4. Sunday, Sunday….. So this day we got up and went to church and the Investigator from Sunday came so we ran out to meet her and bring her up to the sacrament room and talked and waited for sacrament to start with her and said hi to members. We also scheduled an appointment with her for next week! So exciting.
That’s all I can remember! I hope you have a wonderful week!
Sister Greenwood

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