June 6th TRAINING New Transfer New Miracles!!

This week I said goodbye to my wonderful companion, Sister Hansen, and said Hello to my Fresh out of the MTC companion Sister KimHyunJung, from Daegu stake!! SHE IS GREAT! This week has been SO AMAZING! First of all, we are only 5 days apart (in age) 2nd of all learning how to do missionary work over again from a fresh look has been awesome the past half a week!!

This week we Officially dropped our investigator, which actually was nice!! Because we were able to meet with a new investigator (not sure what her interest is yet…) and our biggest miracle of the week!
So as we were meeting with one of our investigators in a quiet PC room at the subway station, things got a little awkward between our investigator and the lady worker, who asked her to be a little quieter… so awkwardly we left, but we felt bad (my companion and I) so we went back into the room after we said goodbye to our investigator and when we did the lady was really okay and she asked us what we were here for and she recognized our name tags. She had so many questions about our church. The best thing, she said she has seen the foreigner missionaries before and when she does she can see a special light about them and can feel the spirit when she sees them! She gladly took a book of Mormon and wants to meet again!! She said she will read it a little! We are super excited to meet with her next time! So excited so see where this will go!!!!
Moral of the story! With a little rain comes a rainbow. Even you might be in the eye of the tornado there is always another light waiting for you after a little time!!
I have to say, maybe it’s just the “Greeny Fire” that everyone talks about. But I feel like I’m fresh out of the MTC again!! (well maybe not to that extent!!) but I’m really excited about what is ahead these next 12 weeks!!
Thanks for hanging in there with me!! Have a wonderful week!!
Sister Greenwood
(also my comp is a great cook… she’s hired… haha!)

June 5, 2017

We went to the TEMPLE!!! I love traveling out of the mission! It was so nice going to the temple again after 4 transfers!

Also we had a fun District meeting (after) where we celebrated Sister Hansen’s birthday with Baskin Robbins 31’s double up and ate lots of ice cream. The Elders became monsters… but it was delicious! I can’t believe this transfer is already over! Six weeks went by so fast. I am sooo sad so say goodbye to Sister Hansen! I will never forget how amazing this transfer was! Now on to transfer 8! With new missionaries and a crazy area to take care of!! I don’t know my companion yet, but I will meet her and welcome her into or back into the country! I am so excited to train a new missionary!!
This week we had a sad experience, you see we were dropped by our investigator. I think it was the hardest drop in my mission. But all in all, everyone has a choice to follow Christ or not. I think one day when she is ready she will receive the gospel and love it! Until then I know that Heavenly Father Loves everyone and Good will always triumph over evil in the end. Until then we just keep spreading the seeds!! The field is white and ready!!
I hope you have a great week!!
Sister Greenwood




May 29th-Happy Birthday Sister Hansen!!

​Today is my wonderful companion’s Birthday and even though she doesn’t get this email I want you to all know how much I love my companion, Sister S.S. Hansen!

This week we ended up not being as busy as we would have liked to, but it was all great because we got to go to Gangnam and sticker board about the Plan of Salvation 3 times.
This week we did meet with our progressing investigator who had come to church, and she had a lot of questions about what she had learned so we were able to talk about that and teach her more about the restoration.
Afterwords, we left for English class, and we had an amazing class that is actually the most interested in our church than any class I’ve taught before. They asked us so many things about the Book of Mormon and prophets. After English class we watched a special broadcast from Elder Oaks in Daejun, and a couple of people stayed for it! Really such a great miracle to be able to bare testimony of the Book of Mormon in English class.
That’s all for now folks! Have a wonderful week!
Sister Greenwood

May 22-Probably the Best Week.;

​This week we had Miracle after Miracle after Miracle!!

This week basically all our appointments canceled, and we were temporarily dropped by one of our investigators. But it was still all miracles. The other week we met some people on the street and last week one of them took us out to eat. And this week, right after our appointment canceled, we received a call from the other person we met on the street, he said he felt bad for not making it  to English class, so he came to take us out to eat and bought cow ribs, yes that’s really expensive, wow. Also cold noodles. haha! He said he would be fine with meeting with the Elders next time! So we were super excited about that.
Next we received a message from a potential investigator and she said she wanted to know where the church was and when we meet so she can come to church. Right after that we got another text from our investigator saying she will come to church this week! So on Sunday we had two investigators at church it was such a miracle were dancing in sparkles over here!
Next we got a new investigator!! She met with the missionaries maybe 15 years ago, but she wanted to learn English with us again and she wants to do the Family English Program which is great!!
Also we met lots of people on the street who are willing to meet with us!! One night we were waiting for the bus after our English class hiking “party” pretty late at night (it was great fun also!) And a man walked past us to wait for the cross walk. I actually had this feeling to go talk to him, but I DIDN’T!! But luckily the Lord is Merciful and the man actually came and said hi to us!! He said when he was a student he attended our English class. But then there was just Elders, so he was interested to see sisters. We got his number to refer him to the Elders.
Wow I feel like maybe this probably was one of the best weeks of my mission in  a while!! You know what I learned? I need to work really really  hard and be really really diligent in ALL things. Then the Lord will bless us. Even if we put forth just a little effort on our half, the Lord will see it and bless us, imagine if we put forth ALL our effort, how many blessings we can receive. I have to work a lot harder I know. But I know that the Lord has blessings in store for me and You if we are willing to be diligent in doing his work, weather missionary or member missionary, or whatever you may be doing.
One last thing I want to share. Last night we had an amazing Music Fireside put together by the mission. Wow the spirit was so strong. I felt like my testimony grew so much just by hearing  the testimony of other’s through music. Music really is a gift given to us from God. I know that we can all feel His spirit through music.
That’s all for now folks!! I love you all and I hope you have a great week!
     Sister Green green wood wood

May 15

This week was great! My companion was sick and lost her voice so she had to rest a lot, but meanwhile we were able to contact a lot of people and get a new investigator and a lot of potential investigators! We are super excited!!

I also got to know my companion so well this week. Something that you need in a companionship (I’ve had a lot now) is that you need a unity. And you will either really get along with a companion is you either are both disobedient, or both striving to be obedient. You won’t get along if one wants to be obedient and the other doesn’t. But even if you are both being obedient, you still can have your faults and really being open, hones, kind, loving, serving and talking to your companion, doing your part and that’s when it’s going to work really well!!
This week it rained a ton! Which is really good actually because it took away a lot of the yellow dust flying around. Now it’s humid outside.. Expected!! Summer is going to be great!! Korea also got a new president this week, kind of sad that I won’t see the big trucks with the giant TV’s

on them playing candidate speeches
I am so happy to have been able to Skype my family today as well!! I can’t believe how fast time is flying.
This week I’m super excited. We are trying to get as many appointments as we can. So many potentials! Lot’s of goals I can’t wait to accomplish.
I hope you all have a great week! Happy Mother’s day!!! I love you Mom!! Really thank you so much for supporting me on my mission. Thank you so much for raising me in such a way that prepared me for this calling and Korea. I love you so much!!
Sister Greenwood


May 8

This week we had a special visit from Elder Yamashita. He talked to us all about missionary work and opening our mouths and having faith to baptize and wow I learned so much. It was an amazing conference. I feel like he was speaking to me and it was exactly what I needed.

This week we also met with our investigators. Actually Wednesday we met with our investigator who is a bit older. We had planned about talking about the Plan of Salvation, but then she started talking about other churches, how other churches have their points that make them different and she said we haven’t talked about our points, so why was our church different then other churches. Right then of course the restoration was the perfect lesson. But since we were short on time we quickly went over prophets and then we spent some time on Joseph Smith and how he saw God and restored the church. Then we got into prayer and talked about how she can only know that this is true is she prays for herself, so we asked her to pray, and I’m really dumb so I meant to say this week because Koreans are pretty shy, but she said, “Right now, Okay, let’s pray.” And then right there and then she said such a sincere prayer saying, “God I have been believing this one thing and these people are telling me that I need to believe this other thing so tell me what is right.” and she said a few other things and then ended and it was amazing and perfect and I didn’t really know what to think then.. It was so all of a sudden and unexpected!!
We also met with our other investigator who is a lot younger but older than us and she is great!! She is keeping our commitments and wants to go to church to see for herself if it’s true. She even is willing to pray. Unfortunately she caught a cold and it got worse so she could not come to church this week. But I have faith that she will come to church!!
This week was really full of great things and I am so grateful to have the chance to see these wonderful people every week and see them improve and grow faith. I love being a missionary I really do. I love Korea! Even though it’s crazy out there and I still am learning every day. I would rather have hard times and improve, then have easy times and not move forward!
I hope you have an awesome week!!
Sister Greenwood
(photos: We had a fun planning session and I really want to show off my beautiful planner for this week. Making awesome goals!!
Also I got the stuff in the mail thanks mom!!)
Also I want to share something that I am still laughing about… It’s not that important actually really.. So the other day we were talking to the elders in our ward and sister Hansen noticed the Korean elder had something on his eye and asked it he was bit by a mosquito, he said no and got his phone out to translate what it was and then showed us the phone with the translation of “Big Eye Tuna.” Sister Hansen looked at it and said “What’s a Big Eye Tune, you have a Big eye Tuna??” Then he looked at it and said.. oh no no no.. and changed the spelling on the Korean then showed us again…. a sty.. It’s a sty!! hahaha! But now we can’t stop asking him how his big eye tuna is doing…  We still have no clue what a big eye tuna is…

Happy May Day!!

I can’t believe it’s already May! Where has the time gone! (Actually I know exactly by looking at the past 6 transfers)

Wow, missionary work, missionary work, missionary work… I am having so much fun! There is so much to do and so much to learn. This week I learned that I can understand more Korean than I thought, but just what I need to understand. When God asks us to do something, He always provides a way. That’s for sure.
This week I transferred to the busy city of Socheo, near Gangnam. Boy do I miss Suwon, but I am getting used to the busy traffic all day and the busy moving bodies. One thing I have discovered is that talking to people is hard. Everyone is very busy and not everyone  wants to hear the gospel. But we really do have a great ward here and a great ward mission leader who is always buying things (haha lots wow) to help us grab the attention of the busy bodies. Yesterday was really fun. We went to a big park full of people and children and began making balloon animals for kids. SUCCESS, maybe I made 100 swords yesterday and lost the tips of my fingers to tying the balloons, but it was so much fun. We gained  the trust of their parents and handed out some family proclamations. Then afterwords, we did a little park jundo(judo??) and then got to meet a couple cool people.

I think I am getting transfer shock, being in my 5th area, but all will be well… I think Heavenly Father has a reason for all the places you will go. And Oh! The places you do go… One big thing for me is keeping in mind that my mission is not about me. It’s about the Lord and doing His work, being his tool. As soon as you start thinking about Him, His plan, His children, and His work, then all else falls into place. Wow, I just got  de ja vu…
This week we met with our investigators as well, and even though they are all English interest, I think they all have a lot of great potential to gain interest in learning about God’s plan for them.
It has been a really great week. Keep smiling!! Keep laughing!!
Have a wonderful week!!
Sister Greenwood
Photos: Peace out Singal, Hello Socheo (also goodbye to my trainer!! :’)