Happy Chooseuk!!October 1, 2017

Happy Chooseuk!!

This week we met with two investigators and the second investigator we got to meet and have an early Chooseuk (Korean thanksgiving) dinner with her and her daughter’s family! It was great! I hope we left a good and lasting impression on the church and I hope they don’t forget it! We seriously had a great time!!
We also went on exchanges with Singal sisters (yes my old area, it’s okay I know you don’t remember!) I got to meet and have lunch with a member that I had not gotten to meet with in my two transfers in Singal and wow it was awesome to be able to get to know her!! The more I get to know members the more happy missionary I am!!! This transfer has definitely been one of the bests for getting to know my members and I love every single one of them! I was able to learn much on exchanges and I am so happy to be a missionary in Bundang!
On Friday we did a fun zone activity, we switched companions and tried to talk to lots of people. Then we had delicious black bean paste noodles together as a zone. Maybe that doesn’t sound delicious but it is don’t worry! I was super happy to go on a short split with my old companion Sister Hansen as well, but she came late and we ended up just proceliting for 15 minutes together but it was still fun!! We also went to Gwangju, kind of the countryside of our area, and visited a less active. She owns this little restaurant and so we got to share a short message with her and get to know her a little more. On the way to Gwangju we had an adventure when two people came up to us and started talking to us about our church, one of them was a police man. I was a little worried when he approached us, and asked us about the bible or “holy book” in English, then he found our we can speak some Korean, but I still had some trouble understanding his conversation… But the best thing is we know that He loves God!!
Sunday was the best! We were given some hanboks to wear to church from a member who told us we needed to wear them on Sunday haha! So we did! Actually it was the best thing because the members were so excited. The bishop even mentioned us during announcements in Sacrament meeting and literally everyone turned to look at us and were so happy!! Later Members wanted photos with us so that was fun too.

Later I had the opportunity again to translate in primary for the youngest daughter of a military family  and it was so much fun, even though she is four years old and has a bit of a hard time staying calm but I mean she only speaks English. So I spent two hours with her just… well teaching and playing with her so it was really awesome!!

After church the members were super excited and invited us over for meals almost every day this week! So after church is finally over my companion and I were walking home in our hanboks, in the rain, trying to keep our dresses from getting wet while carrying a few pounds of fruit from the members and the CUTEST little boy rolls down his window in the back of the car sitting on his dads lap and says “Annyeonghaseyo!!” and waves to us and blew us kisses while waiting at a red light. Literally the cutest thing!!!
So this week is going to be crazy but we are super excited. I am so happy I have to many opportunities to learn on my mission and this week we get to learn even more at our conference on Thursday!
I hope you have a wonderful week and a beautiful Fall!
Sister Greenwood



September 25, 2017

First off… 15,000 years is a long time!

Hello Everyone! Can you believe next week is October! Can you also believe that it’s General Conference! Actually we have to wait a week before we can watch so it can be translated into Korean, but I am so excited! Also holy cow it’s been 6 months since I watched General conference in Singal…
This week my companion and I visited a really sweet family in our ward. They are from some islands somewhere but i guess also California, but they only speak English as a second language and the Husband is in the military so they are in Korea for that reason, they are really cool. The sister just had a really big surgery so we payed them a visit and wow they are amazing!! we also ate just a small sample of how good the food is that they have! Later in the week we visited a family that hadn’t been to church in a while, they are also here for military. They are all Samoan I think. Wow they are such a cute family and they love missionaries. We visited them with a sister who really loves this family and wow she doesn’t even speak English, but she was all prepared and even brought Dukk to give! Probably the best dukk I’ve had in Korea! Any ways, miracle because later in the week Bishop had a party at his fancy house and this family came!! It was so great. Miracle number two this other less active (from last week) was invited to this party and everyone came!! Then they all came on Sunday. It was really great! Only sad thing, our investigator did not make it to church on Sunday, but another former investigator casually showed up… !!!
So this week we met with a kind of potential investigator as soon as we can meet his wife and daughter, but until then, we visit him occasionally at his academy for Asian writing calligraphy. It’s beautiful! Basically the past two times, we go, we talk, we explain our purpose, he buys some lunch for us and we eat and talk and then he tells us he will give us some cool fan or paper thing! haha! it’s a blast but also this is why we don’t meet with his often haha! This week he drew this cool painting in two minutes and then wrote our names. it was just a practice one so he let me write on it but no way does my 1st time calligraphy compare to his really long time of doing this thing that he does.
Also this week after English class this lady the elder’s have been trying to meet with us with finally C AME after 3 weeks!! And she came and played piano and talked with us and wow. She’s really cool too. She before had asked the elder’s if she could try out to play piano for our ward each Sunday, but turns out you gotta be a member for that haha. But she came and she was able to meet a member, she’s Korean but also French, so she speaks French as a 1st language, Korean and English. And also when she met the member he asked if she was a member but she said no, “But I want to be.” She was just a really cool Sister I’m super excited to (hopefully) meet with her again.
So basically we are having lots of fun here in Bundang. I really love this transfer because we are both trying to do better together to be better missionaries. This past couple transfers we focused on getting closer with members and I am so happy we received training on this because I love getting closer to the members here in Bundang. The  members here love missionary work and love the Savior.
This week I read an article that kind of made me a lot more grateful for this time I have to be a missionary. Just because I wear this name tag I have so many opportunities to serve people in so many ways that I had not done before In my life. I love being a missionary and being here in Korea!!
I hope you all have an amazing week!!
Sister Greenwood

September 18, 2017


Wow another week has gone by in Bundang! It was really a pretty good week. My companion was sick so that wasn’t great, but she is getting better so that is the good news! And even though she was sick we were still able to see so many miracles!

So earlier this week we had a meal with some members who fed us Jajjamyung, just a common food with black-bean paste and noodles… I don’t know if that sounds good or not but it is! Also, jambong which is just spicy noodles with some clams and other things… maybe not clams I don’t know what they are called. Hehe! But It was really great and our members are always so nice! Then we had another meal at another Chinese restaurant the next night with bishop and our long lost ward mission leader and his wife! They have been in America for 3 or 4 months and just got back! So Tuesday we were with our investigator and she was telling us how she was having a hard time with not drinking coffee, so the word of wisdom. So we asked her how often she drinks it, maybe we could make a more specific goal that would help her. So she drinks it twice a day we learned. Then we were able to commit her to only drink it once in the morning and not again after work. So two days later we get a text from her saying in the past two days she had only drank coffee in the mornings!! We were soooo excited!!! She is progressing and coming closer to Christ in each step.

So then it was Wednesday and yayyy it was Zone conference!! We learned so so much about sanctity and consecration. Our STL’s and Zone leaders did a great job at teaching. Also then they asked us “are you down” to be a consecrated missionary, literally one by one, and in many crazy different ways. I think it was the funniest thing ever!

Friday we were able to meet with a potential investigator, and Saturday we went to the Stake relief society activity! It was a blast! I got to see members of my two old wards that I served in as well as learn about the LDS library app and learn about these fish pictures that we all drew… haha it’s kind of confusing but anyways….! We went with a less active to the activity then!!! SHE CAME TO CHURCH! It was awesome and the members were all Super happy to see her!! What a miracle!!

So something I learned from President at zone conference this week: President had all of us read a set of scriptures and answer three questions, who is talking, who are they talking to and what are they teaching? So we all went through and answered. And then President talked a little and asked us again now who are they Really teaching to and who are they Really teaching about. And the answers were Prophets teaching to Us about Christ. And that is what we teach and testify about as missionaries. Something need to remember is that this Gospel is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This church is the Church of Jesus Christ. We teach of Christ and Testify of Christ. That he Lives. I know Christ lives. He is the good tidings of Great Joy that we read about. He is the reason why we can progress, why we can do better and live with Heavenly Father again with our families for eternity.

Well, that’s all for now folks!
Have a Wonderful week!!

Sister Greenwood


September 4-Bundang!!

Dear Everyone,

Welcome, to Bundang!!
I am so happy about this area.
First of all, Sister Earnshaw is amazing, we are having so much fun and it’s only been one week.
Yesterday we went to Choir practice before 3:00 stake conference in Anyang, and the ward members that came were so kind and warm and welcoming, and one of them was in one of my past wards. Another Family lived in Midland Michigan for 10 years!
At stake conference I got to see the families from my other two wards when I was in Suwon zone. It was a blast.
So this past week we have been out and about talking to people and my first day we went out in the morning and had so many miracles. And now so many Potential investigators! We had an experience where we were talking to one girl who just so happened to be from New York, which led us to a weird neighborhood where we needed to look for a bus before the 30 minutes was up so we could catch the transfer, but as we walked to a bus stop a lady at her cafe stopped us and we talked to her and turns out she wants us to teach her daughter English. Her name is Jane and her Cafe is really cute.
I’m out of Seoul and now I know what people meant when they said Bundang is right below Heaven. It’s beautiful here, everyone lives here with their family and everyone has a baby!
The trees and mountains are beautiful and outside our house is a river that you can walk along.
The weather is NOT HUMID ANYMORE!! Goodbye summer! Our apartment is on the 10 floor, quite small but a great breeze.
The apartment bathroom sink is kind of broken, also the light went out yesterday, hahaha! But it’s okay we have two small flashlights, until we can buy a light-bulb today.
Things are going well!
I am so excited to work as hard as I can, happily and willingly!!
I hope you have a wonderful week!
Sister Greenwood

September 1!!

​This week was super busy. First off. P DAY! We went to Minsokchun, the old village… Turns out it’s only 5 dollars on holidays… But we payed the 18 dollars anyways because we were already there! We bought lots of cool stuff to take home, but only after we got SOAKING WET IN THE ALL OF A SUDDEN TYPHOON RAIN. Luckily… I came prepared with my shoes that I had just put on after drying them for a week after the last All of a sudden typhoon the last time we went outside… also an umbrella… haha! It’s okay because I love Minsokchun….

Next days— We had a member appointment meal almost every day. One at a buffet and one at a Samgyupsal Restraunt. One of the sisters in our ward fed us (my whole 10 missionary district) Korean BBQ. It was great!! Also this week we had an emergency drill where all the missionaries had to clear their schedules for Friday because of a special “meeting” we had no idea what was going on then after 10:30 we got a text (when everyone is sleeping) saying to be at the mission home by 10am the next day and to bring out 72 hour kit. Our president just told us about what to do in each emergency situation. Where to go… ect. Specially for us because Korea is kind of a special situation! Also we ended up staying there all day because my companion had her 12 week “greeny” language follow up to finish training! But it wasn’t until late in the night and because the other missionaries were running late, we ended up not starting until after 9 and not getting home until after 10:30 yikes! but president knew that might happen! But since it was also the night the assistant presidents were doing transfer calls, before we left the office, the ap told us where we’d be going and our new companions. My companion is staying and of the Sis. Training leaders is coming to greeny break in what is now Gangnam 1st ward! I am leaving to Bundang to finish my last 12 weeks of being a missionary!!

Saturday we had a Culture night at church, but due to other activities and practicing for our missionary skit, we got to the new building at 1:00 and did not leave until 9:30 ( special permission from president to get home late muahaha) Wow there was orchestras and choirs and a magician and drums and dancing and then of course the best performance of all, 10 missionaries acting like crazies on the stage for our skit haha! Did a fun skit where we had to audition for the skit for the culture night and then everyone was doing weird things, and then all of us ran up on the sage at once, then the judge said we need unity! so then we sang the chorus translated into Korean of “We are One” by Nik day on the new youth music on lds.org. We are all pretty talented in the Soul South zone hahaha… So this was 8 hours of my Saturday!
SUNDAY we had a big meeting at the new ward! So all together 4 wards came to this meeting to dedicate the building and Out of the 4 wards, Gangnam and Socho have combined into one ward and Bongchun and Nolyangjin have combined so actually there was two wards at the meeting. Also president came again! Also Our investigator receive the Holy Ghost!!!! So she is almost officially a member (but we gotta get her record to the office first haha)
So that was my week. Also Packing now! I am almost done! Life is good! I am going to

miss Socho and hP170610001ey, I was a Gangnam Sister for a few days too! Also On Sunday all the members said I am going South of Chun Gong… God’s house? Haha! I am super excited!
Life is good! I hope you have an enjoyable week!! And a nice September FIRST!!!
Much Love!
Sister Greenwood

August 21

Wow this week we had a baptism!!

We also had interviews!
Let me tell you about it
So First off, this past week one of our former investigators called us out of the blue and said she wanted to learn English with us! So we set up an appointment to meet with her! Were super excited!!
Second off We had interviews on Friday. We were with out District of 10 from 10-2pm and Sister Turner, the President’s Wife and she taught us about Unity while playing games with us to help us learn about loving our companion!
After interviews we all left and my companion and i had dinner then headed to the church for study and then our investigator came so we could teach her the last principles before her interview. It was such a miracle because out investigator did not want to get interviewed by a Korean so LUCKILY our mission president was still in the are and was able to make it to our ward for the interview!! It went well and she passed.
So SUNDAY CAME! And Sunday morning we left for the Stake center for a special conference of a broadcast. Afterwords we had another interview with president and because the train takes an hour and a half to get to the ward, he said he would miss his next meeting to take it and come to the baptism!
So we got to the baptism and all our district was there setting things up for us and filling the water. It was basically perfect. Then out of no where an MTC teacher and his Gf comes through the doors, haha they didn’t plan on the church being open, or to see a baptism but the church was open and we were preparing for the baptism so they stayed for it! Meanwhile lots of members are coming in and filling up the seats. Us missionaries were asked to do a choir so we practiced some more and then the baptism started. I Promise I took a photo but I forgot my camera at the church yesterday, luckily the elders took it home for me so next week I will send in a photo!
ANYWAYS! The baptism went great and our feelings were great! This week was pretty great! I hope you know what i mean.
That’s all for now folks. Till next week!
Sister Greenwood